9 September 2018


To be honest, I really don’t like running. But I still do it anyway. To stay in shape, to pursue a healthy lifestyle and to clear my head. In the past I ran the 20 km of Brussels for the programme Perfect on the Belgian TV channel VIER. Before that, I had a marathon among my achievements and I once trained for a triathlon. When CORES Development asked me to evaluate the neighbourhood around Louise Marie from the viewpoint of a sports enthusiast, I felt I was a good choice. As Anouk wrote in her blog post, the area around Louise Marie still has a lot of secrets for me. I was therefore curious about what sporting facilities I would discover.


What immediately struck me is the green environment around Louise Marie. Even though this residential project is close to the city centre, there are many parks in the area that are ideal for a morning or evening walk. The Nachtegalenpark appeals to me especially. This consists of the Vogelzangpark, Park Den Brandt and Middelheimpark. The total circumference of the park is about 6 kilometres. Ideal for someone who, just like me, likes to run longer and does not want to run 15 times around the same jogging circuit to reach 5 kilometres. In addition, the Middelheimpark is particularly interesting, because you can jog right through the sculpture garden which is full of works of art. The Park Den Brandt also offers a lot of activity: I spotted children learning to ride a bicycle, young people playing football and even a yoga class on one of the large lawns.

Cyclists can easily reach the green outskirts of Antwerp via the Middelheimpark.


When I trained for my triathlon, I was a regular guest at the Wezenberg Olympic swimming pool, opposite Louise Marie. The swimming pool organises swimming lessons for children between 5 and 12 years old, which is interesting for young families in Louise Marie. If you prefer a more recreational swimming pool, the Groenenhoek swimming pool is less than 4 kilometres from Louise Marie.

Another fine activity for children is the mini golf course in Wilrijk. I admit: I like to do that from time to time. It’s always fun. And Wilrijk is only 1.5 km from Louise Marie.

For outdoor sports you can go to the Wilrijkse plein sports centre. There you can do different team sports such as rugby, netball, football and hockey. You will also find a Finnish running track and a calisthenics park if you prefer getting fit in the open air. A mini football field can be found in Hof van Leysen – a cosy family park that is more towards the centre, but still within walking distance of Louise Marie.


I also do weekly exercises. I really enjoy it and I think a healthy mind in a healthy body is just super important. And for Louise Marie apparently too. On the ground floor, Louise Marie offers a real gym which is very handy. This way you will not lose valuable time if you want to go to the gym for an hour. Gone is another excuse for not doing sports!

Keep up the good work!