1 September 2020


At the beginning of this year, we published another article about the growing number of buyers and investors compared to end users. The increasingly popular trend of co-living can also be felt on the investment market. That is why CORES is introducing a specific co-renting offer for investors in the Oslo residential project in Ghent.

Co-living is a specific form of housing that has been on the rise for some time now. It is very popular in large cities and the offer is constantly increasing. A major advantage is that every resident has his or her own private space, but can also use the comfortable shared space. This provides nice financial and social benefits. Various real estate players are now focusing increasingly on large-scale co-housing projects as more and more people are open to the idea of a roommate.

Co-renting offers more security for the landlord, as the chance of vacancy is much smaller because of the three different tenants.

CORES also sees opportunities in its residential projects, because it is no longer just young people in their twenties who are looking for this formula. The concept of bedrooms of equal size with private bathroom makes living together more attractive. There is no longer any question of unequal rents and no more queuing for the bathroom.

This innovative offer also packs a lot of advantages for letting as an investment through co-renting. The return on this type of investment is in line with the rest of our offer, but provides more security for the landlord, as the chance of vacancy is much smaller due to 3 different tenants: In short, maximum occupancy rate and return!

Co-living and co-renting in Ghent Muide

Three duplex apartments were furnished for co-renting purposes, each with 3 bedrooms with private bathrooms in the Oslo residential project located in the lively Muide district of Ghent. The shared living premises are located on the ground floor and are complemented by a comfortable and cosy terrace.

Smart investing rhymes with smart renting

CORES Rental & Resale Service (CRS)  offers a total package to investors who, after making a  purchase in one of our residential projects, want to let their property carefree according to the ‘one-stop-shop’ principle. CRS liaises between landlord and tenant. The tenant rents and the landlord buys from the same party.

For more information, please go to our co-renting page

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